refueler trucks

1995 International chassis - Jet-A refueler - DT 466 C diesel engine. Manufactured by Hutchinson. 5000 Gallons. Jet wing hose. Helicopter coupler. Bi rotor meter. Minimum 20 maximum 150 GPM Capacity. 125 PSI. Hours 2,701. Kms 12,930 Hours 1,430.

1999 Freightliner chassis - Jet-A refueler  - Cummins M11 diesel engine - Automatic. Manufactured by Gariste. 5,000 gallon aluminum tank. Model FL80. DOT 406 Compliant. 2 hose over the wing. 19,497 Kms.

2000 International chassis - Jet A  refueler  - DT 466 Diesel Engine - Automatic. Manufactured by 3000 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank 2 Over Wing Hose 1 Under Wing Hose Rear Delivery 2 Each Liquid Control Meters 250 GPM Deadman Static Reel. Overall Condition Is Excellent. Low Hrs and Kms.

2009 Isuzu chassis Avgas refueler - Isuzu OHC 5.2 L Turbo Diesel Engine - Automatic. Facet filter vessel. Manufactured by DTS. DOT 406 Compliant. 1 hose over the wing. Automatic. 1,000 Gallon Fuel Tank. Miles 7,771. Hours 7,504. 
2007 International 4400 chassis - Jeta A refuler - DT 466 Diesel Engine 9 Speed Transmission 5000 Gallon Aluminum Tank Dual Hose Reel Pump And Meter Side Delivery Deadman Static Reel 300 GPM Serviced And Painted The Color Of Your Choice Prior To Shipment. Very low Hrs and Kms.

2005 Ford Model F 350 Avgas refueler - Gasoline Engine - Automatic Transmission. 750 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank Single Hose Meter And Pump Side Delivery Refurbished And Painted The Color Of Your Choice Prior To Shipment. Low Hrs and Kms.

2005 International CF500 Chassis Avgas refueler - with a 2011 Garsite Fuel Tank Mounted on. Facet Monitor Filter Vessel. - 1,200 Gallon Aluminum Tank. DOT 406 Compliant. 1 hose over the wing. Automatic. 19,499 Kms.

2005 Freightliner chassis - Jet-A refuler Mercedes diesel engine. Manufactured by DTS. Facet filter vessel. 5000 Gallons. DOT 406 Compliant. 2 over the wing hoses, 1 single point. Automatic. 36,319 Kms. Hours 4,614.
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