deicing units

De-icer: FMC SA600 Towable - Trailer mounted, max speed 20 mph. Tank 600 Gallon. Detergent tank 50 gallons. Engine: 4 cylinder 47 hp. Fluid pump: 70 GPM, 125-130 psi, self priming. Fluid heater: Malsbary. Operator platform: 28’.

De-icer: SDI 2045 Capacity: 2,000 Gal type I, 400 Gal type IV. Boom working height 42’, rotating cab 340°. Enclosed cab capacity: 450 lbs. Flow meter for both fluid types. Heaters: 3x SUPERIOR Instant Heat diesel or Jet A.

De-icer: Global 2110 Engine: Ford FD-1060 ATA diesel 5.9 L. Auto transmission. Capacity: 1750 gal. type I and 350 gal. type IV. Boom Working Height 47’, rotating cab 340°. Enclosed cab capacity: 450 lbs. Heaters: 4,000,000 BTU/hr. Flow meter for both types of fluids.

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