Air Conditioner Unit (ACU): ACE HGEU90 - Capacity: Adjustable up to 7.5 ton / 90,000 BTU/hr. Engine: Deutz F33L1011F, 3 cyl diesel.

Air Conditioner Unit (ACU): Trilectron DAC200-DPE - Engine: Cummins Diesel. Capacity: 20 Ton. Airflow 1,600 CFM. Air pressure 20 in S.P. Cooling capacity: 240,000 BTU. Delivered air temp. 125 °F (52°C).

Air Conditioner Unit (ACU): Davco 20T-DEH - Engine: Cummins diesel, 3.9 L, 4cyl. Capacity: 20 ton. Cooling capacity: 240,000 BTU.  Heating Capacity: 120,000 BTU. Trane compressor operated by engine or electric plug. Airflow nominal16,000 CFM. Air pressure 20 in S.P.

Air Conditioner Unit (ACU): TLD 302HCapacity: 30 ton. Diesel - Electric. Onan DGCB Cummins or Marathon Duetz generator set compatible with Diesel or Jet A. Max Air flow to 180 ppm and pressures to 20 in. WG. Nominal air flow 150 ppm @ 8 in. WG. Heating capacity 275,000 BTU/H.

Air Conditioner Unit (ACU): Air-A-Plane 4490DA Capacity: 44 ton, 500,000 BTU. Engine: Cummins L634DT 6 cyl diesel. R22 or R134A refrigerant. Compressor Trane 8 cyl, model 3F5B80.

Air Conditioner Unit (ACU): ACE804-920 - Capacity 55 ton. Engine: John Deere 6059T diesel, 6cyl. Aerzen compressor.  ACE blower. 660,000 BTU/hr. Refrigerant R134. Self contained.

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